Monday, 2 March 2015


On Saturday I was ever hopeful that spring had sprung and so decided to dust my mac off and wear it just on the off chance it had.

I love a mac because they are classic, make you look so put together when in reality you haven't even dragged a comb through your hair and just because something makes me feel a little Breakfast at Tiffanys when I am wearing one.

But Saturday was more April showers than one of those blue sky spring days and so warmth was required.  What do I do to wear my mac just for that little bit longer? Well I layer it to keep the chill at bay and my favourite thing to layer it over is my leather jacket.  I just love the way the collars work together and it isn't as obvious as a scarf and a jumper.  I don't know I think it makes the mac even more effortlessly cool but that is just my opinion.

Also I must say I am far from a fashion blogger and find posing so awkward so Jonny just tried to capture me "naturally" which meant a lot of funny faces especially as the wind was not my friend.
And with that natural fashion blogger pose and face I end this post.

Mac previous season from Burberry {similar} // Old Zara Leather jacket {similar} //
 Top // Skirt // Old Bertie Shoes {similar} // Bag

Thursday, 26 February 2015


I don't know how I have managed to drag this one weekend away into three posts but some how I have.  I can't decide if it is a good or bad thing. I am going to say good.

This is basically what we got up to in Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday, and there might have been a majorly lazy morning because when your kids aren't there you have to take advantage.

Oh and because I am living the dream I managed to have a nap while Jonny watched the rugby: who says I am not rock 'n' roll.  I know, I know, but seriously being able to have a nap, what a novelty.

And now on to the photos:

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Jonny did not just surprise me with a weekend away {post here} but also managed to book a special meal for us to enjoy on Valentine's day.  It was a five course tasting menu with the accompanying wine at The White Swan.  So something truly special and very different from the norm.

I have to say I was rather nervous because rich food can make me feel a little bit ill sometimes and also I don't like fish or seafood so I was a little apprehensive but I needn't have been.

Now this post is not only food heavy but also photo heavy so you might need a drink and if you are feeling rather peckish get a snack.  And finally I am also not a restaurant critic nor a michelin chef so it is just my opinion about the food and how I found it.

Sunday, 22 February 2015


At four months:

Esme is still so calm and relaxed.  She just seems content to watch the world go by and if it involves her that is great but if it doesn't, well no worries.

Esme has begun teething I think.  Ava got her teeth really early so maybe she is going to be like her big sister.  Esme loves to gnaw on anything, her hand, my finger, her teething ring, and her dummy.  And she chomps hard, my finger is so bruised.  

She still continues to make lots of noises and sounds.  Her favourite is squealing at a really high pitch, which I have to say is not my favourite ;)

Esme has the typical bald patch on the back of her head.  

She is loving sitting in her bumbo and taking in the world, but after a while she gets tired and I think it gets all to much.

Esme is really close to rolling over.  I know this because she is so nosey and when she is trying to see what is going on she is so almost rolling over but at the last minute stops herself.

She is also close to laughing.  I can't wait to hear her first giggle, I thought I herd it the other day but I couldn't get her to do it again so I don't think I can really count it.

We love you Esme and are so proud of you.


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