Friday, 31 October 2014



- Some postpartum stuff.  If you don't know, lucky you.  If you do know, well you will know exactly what I mean.

- When a complete stranger gives your daughter their croissant because she asks for it.  Yes, I wanted the floor to swallow me up.  Thank you kind stranger.

- Being pregnant.  Literally just awkward trying to sleep with a big bump.


- Seeing your daughter for the first time.  I can't explain that feeling of love.  It is like your world wasn't complete until she arrived.

- Ava meeting her little sister and the way she dotes on her.  My heart could literally burst.

- Having my Mum to stay.  I love having her here and also I don't think I could have coped with the move and everything without her.

- Holding a newborn.  I had forgotten how tiny newborns are and how delicate they seem.  

- My family of four.  I just love my family of four.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I thought I would post about how we introduced Ava to Esme and how it went.

This is just what we did and I just want to caveat that I am not saying that what we did was right and if you do something else it is wrong.  In fact if you have any advice feel free to leave it in the comments.  I am sure others will find it really useful.

Anyway on to what we did...

Basically not a lot.

We just wanted to keep it simple and straight forward.  

No gifts were bought for either girl.  We did consider it and I read about how lots of people do it and it works for them but I don't know, we just didn't think it was for us.  I think we just thought in the grand scheme of things a gift will not prevent jealousy or Ava acting out, and in a way we would just be putting off the inevitable anyway.  And more importantly having a sister is a majorly great gift in itself.

The only thing I was really adamant about was that I wanted Esme to be in the cot when Ava arrived. I wanted to be able to give Ava a big hug and kiss and ask her about her day and the such like and  after a while we would go and meet the baby together.  I think this worked really well and Ava's face when she met Esme, well that will be a memory I never forget.  Her face just lit up, "Baby!" she said grinning.

Apart from that we didn't really plan much else but just decided to see how it went.  We didn't want to make it into a massive deal if it wasn't and just wanted to see how Ava was reacting and go from there.

Before the baby was born we talked about the baby quite a lot: feeling it kick in my tummy; talking about what Baby Sister was going to be called; Ava helped me wash the baby's clothes and pack my hospital bag.  We tried to involve her so she could help if she wanted to.  I think this helped her get used to the idea that there was going to be another member of our family but to be honest I don't know how much she understood but I think she liked feeling the baby kick anyway.

Since we have been at home, Ava still gets the majority of our attention especially as newborns, lets be honest, don't do that much but eat, sleep and poop.  But Ava has been amazing too.

Since we have been home Ava has given Esme lots of kisses and loves to hold her hand and help hold her.  She helps with anything and everything from getting the cotton wool for nappy changes to running in to tell us that baby sister is upset, which is so adorable.  Ava starts shouting "Oh no!" as she runs to us dragging us to Esme.  

Of course Ava is not quite two and the whole being gentle concept is a little bit hit and miss but on the whole involving Ava makes her so happy and when we tell her what a good job she has done...well that smile makes the rather stressful minute before all worth it.  We just really want to encourage Ava and make her feel proud of how good she is being because she is so gentle and kind to Esme in particular, while she still tramples all over our feet. 

To be honest though I think whatever you decide to do or don't do will work.  Ava is not a particularly jealous child, she never has been, which helps but if she does decide to act up it is just a phase.  At the end of the day it is a big adjustment for everyone and as long as Ava feels loved and supported well I think that is the sign it is going well.

Seeing my girls {I can't believe I have two girls!} together, well it makes my heart melt every single time.  

Friday, 24 October 2014


Firstly you need to get a cup that covers as much of your face as possible.
Then you need to get chocolate everywhere just to prove you really like hot chocolate.
If it stains your top, even better.
Then laugh really loudly.
And last but not least, take a selfie or pose for a photo just because.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014



Esme arrived on Monday and we are all totally besotted.

As though we are a family of four!
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