Tuesday, 15 April 2014


since spring has arrived ava and i have been trying to enjoy it, because lets be honest you never know when it is going to disappear being england and all.  

so we have been taken full advantage of our nearby garden square.  ava loves it in there as she can: run around; dig holes in the dirt with her hands; collect daises and then squash them; throw blossom and generally just run around like a mad child.

i like it because it has a fence all the way round which makes it virtually impossible for a little girl to escape, which makes me breathe a lot easier and it is nice to watch her explore just that little but further away.

and the funniest part is when ava has had enough she lets you know by dragging you to the gate.  yes that little girl of mine definitely knows her own mind.  

Monday, 31 March 2014


yesterday was mother's day as you all probably know, and i got spoilt rotten by jonny and ava.  it all started on saturday with some flowers and a copy of vogue: they know me too well.

and on sunday i got a card, which i will treasure forever, and a lovely candle that smells so fresh and clean.  i am really into fresh clean scents at the moment, i seem to find everything else overpowering and they give me headaches.  anyway i can't wait to light this one.
we then had breakfast in bed, which meant lots of lovely croissants and pain au chocolats.  we are a family that appreciates a good pastry so it was perfect, only made more so by the fact that ava got crumbs everywhere.  that is why you do no let a toddler eat a croissant in your bed.

the rest of the day was just relaxed with a family nap, a picnic and running a few errands.  to me it was perfect.  i felt like a queen and truly appreciated: i know they appreciate me all the time but it is nice sometimes to be shown just how much ;) and really it was all down to jonny who spoilt me all weekend by letting me off the chores and picking up the slack himself.  jonny, i am so grateful.

this mothering gig sometimes can be tough, and a lot of time i don't have a clue whether what i am doing is right or wrong, but it is so worthwhile and i wouldn't change it for the world.  that little face giving me kisses and massive cuddles, well it doesn't get much better than that does it?

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


i know probably everyone else has realised this but me, but ava is no longer my little baby girl.  of course she will always be baby girl to me but her thigh rolls and little cooing have been long replaced by a head strong little toddler who likes to push boundaries.  and so i have been thinking maybe it is time to start changing her room a bit to reflect the little girl that now sleeps there.

in my head i have images of greatness.  a room that has: a wooden play kitchen; a teepee for reading in; a beautiful bookcase full of her treasures; and a million other things that make it look beautiful and most importantly there is a bed.  

i don't know when you put your toddler in a bed, maybe when you need the cot or the cot is too small, and maybe i am thinking far too far in the further but i think the cot won't be here much longer.  towards the end of the year we were are thinking about potty training and all that jazz and unless ava becomes a pole vaulter or gymnast, being dry through the night will be impossible if she stays in her cot.  and i thought it would be best to get her used to the bed first and move from there...

ok, enough of the mummy chat, now time for some inspiration from pinterest {where else?!} which we can all appreciate.
pinterest sources: one // two // three // four // five // six

original sources: one // two // three // four // five // six 

{from top left clockwise}

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i haven't been able to find the original sources for all the images.
if you know where they are from or if i have got any of them wrong,
 let me know.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


pretty dresses // shadows on morning walks
coffee time // tutu and ski goggles is what everyone is wearing, don't you know
a little rocker // little fishy
night off from the cooking // she loves eating an apple, core and all
little nappy bum // i love this little profile.
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